Saharanpur is a city in a state of India which is a municipal corporation which is now one of the smart cities.

Saharanpur City has developed in the name of a Sufi saint Shah Haroon Chisti, founded by a Jain nobleman, Ranbir Singh. Who developed the city to build a cantonment for an army.

Medieval era

On the occasion of Iltumish [1211 – 1234] on Shamsid day, he used to come in the middle of Delhi, which became part of the throne of Delhi at that time, the king ruled it for 25 years. At that time it had more area of ​​marshy land and forest, so the development was very low at that time it flowed on the rivers Pandhoei, Dhamola and Ganodoi which used to come on the upsurge during the rainy days, the water level of the Dhamola river in today’s time.it Is equal to.

Sultan of the heart Mohammad bin Tughlaq [1380] undertook an expedition to northern places to crush the demagogues of Shivalik kings. When he came to know about the presence of the Sufi saint in Saharanpur, he himself came to meet him and he decided to name the Sharh Shah Haranpur.

The tomb of Shah Harun is still in the middle of the flour removed in the Dinanath market till the end of the 14th century. And at the same time in 1394, Timur attacked to sack the Delhi Sultanate, the people failed to face him and the Mughal king Babur won.

Mughal period


It became an administrative unit of Delhi during the time of Akbar in the Mughal period. Akbar gave the feudal jagir of Saharanpur to the Mughal treasurer, Sah Ranveer Singh, Agrawal Jain [1] who laid the foundation of the present city in place of an army cantonment.
At that time, its nearest Bastia was Sheikhpura and Malipur where the people lived in residential area.

There were five gates in this city, Elephant Gate, Sarai Gate, Buria Gate. Mali Gate and Lakhi Gate City had a wall from one side called a wall
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The fort of Sharkh Veer Singh is also present in the city, which we see with the big Imam, these old ruins remain, even today the government is worried about them.

British colonial period
The revolt against the wrong of this city has been right from the beginning, even during the revolution of 1857, which we also called the first war of the British Rebellion, this revolution started from Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur is a small district in Shamli from where the revolution caught fire. .

In Saharanpur, there was the house of Great Bhagat Singh, which is on Court Road, many revolutionaries were born from this city.


Saharanpur is located at 29.97°N 77.55°E,Falling Rain Genomics, Inc – Saharanpur about 140 kilometres (87 mi) south-southeast of Chandigarh, 170 kilometres (110 mi) north-northeast of Delhi, 65 kilometres (40 mi) north-northeast of Shamli and about 61 kilometres (38 mi) south-west of Dehradun. It has an average elevation of 269 metres (883 ft). Saharanpur is a part of a geographical doab region. Saharanpur district join four states together Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Haryana

famous place in sahranpur

1 – wooden shops [ famous is india ]

2 – bageshvar mahadev mandir


3 – bhuteshwar mahadev mandir


4 – company garden

5 – sagar ratna sahranpur

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2 – punjab hotel

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6 – hotel rajmahal

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saharnpur pin code :- 247001

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